Spring Grains

Rockford : “Tillers With Protein”

SY-Ingmar HRS : “Son of Soren”

SY-605 HRS : “Clearfield”

Joppa HAD : “High Yield”

Transcend HAD : “HAD That Holds Color”

Lanning : “New Vida”

Pulse Crops

Avondale Lentil : “10% Higher Yield Than Richlea”

Ginny Green Peas : “AOG Contracts”

Red Cliff Lentil : “Best Crimson Type Red”

Maxim Red Lentils : “The Best Clearfield”

Viceroy Lentil : “Industry Standard Small Green”

Imvincible Lentil : “Clearfield Viceroy”

Early Star Yellow Pea : “Top Yielding New Yellow”

Carver Yellow Pea : “Yellow That Stands”

Amarillo Yellow Pea : “New Yellow”

Richlea : “Your Certified Source”

Forage Crops

Ask us about NEW Haymaker Hay Barley and Forage Peas!